We have trained paraprofessionals in these regions.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

- Vincent Van Gogh

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Sydney, Australia

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Hong Kong

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Seattle, WA and

Spokane, WA

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New York

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Democratic Republic of Congo

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Central America

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Iran, Iraq, U.A.E, Lebanon, Palestine

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Sydney, Australia​ - Introduced to a leader of the AVP International organization based in Sydney Australia.

Hong Kong - Introduced PRISE to an AVP paraprofessional stationed in Hong Kong.

Ghana - PRISE completed part of the pre-deployment resiliency training for the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Ghana and West Africa.

Nigeria - Trained a prominent AVP worker who works with survivors who have endured attacks from the Boko Haram Islamic extremist terrorist fighters in Nigeria.

Kenya - PRISE was delivered face to face to AVP international workers in Kenya.

Democratic Republic of Congo

London - Introduced to an AVP International worker based in London.

Seattle - Delivered a training in Seattle, WA with AVP International facilitators who work in the prison system and surrounding communities.

Spokane - Delivered a training in Spokane WA with those working in the criminal justice system, Alternatives to Violence Project, Spokane.

New York - Trained AVP workers in the state of New York and those who work in the prison systems.

Lebanon - Trained members of Warchild in Lebanon.

Palestine - Trained AVP workshop leaders in Palestine.

Central America - Trained those in Costa Rica, Guatemala, 

El Salvador, and Honduras.

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At the Congo Peace School, PRISE is mentoring teachers who will provide an intervention while gathering data for research purposes.

The volcano has created an ash cloud over the surrounding villages.

PRISE responded to Hurricane Eta that devastated Central America in 2020 by delivering emergency pro-bono training to volunteers who were assisting disaster victims.