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We aim to use the apprenticeship model that has been handed down through the generations. Apprenticeship is a system developed during the middle-ages for training a new generation of practitioners in a trade or skill with on-the-job training, often accompanied by classroom learning and continuing study. Upon completion, the apprentice is then granted full membership in the guild with the rights and privileges thereof.

Our mentoring program is offered and encouraged following a full

training as an extension of the training workshop and to consolidate

learning. Trainees are eligible to receive ongoing group consultation

for several months with their original trainer and are encouraged to

start their own peer support groups with other trainees who attended

the PRISE workshops. This process is essential to building confidence

and continued mastery of the material with the goal of trainees

becoming self-sufficient, thus creating a self-sustaining program.

We can also directly learn from our trainees while “continuing to

take their pulse” and make ongoing adjustments based on their

needs and challenges.

Those that choose to continue with their training pathway are eligible to become the next cohort of trainers and will complete a designated set of requirements to be considered fully qualified. 

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