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We are trainers. We are educators. We are humanitarians. We provide evidence-based, cost-effective

and trauma-informed interventions in resource-poor areas of the world so that no one is left behind.


Life is precious, uncertain and fragile. For those of us blessed with the privilege of health, we must seize the day and make it count for something as if it were our last.

And make our lives count for something as a way of acknowledging those who were NOT given this gift and to honor those that came before us.

To squander our lives leaves the opportunity to create an

enduring and loving legacy in its own graveyard.

We have a sacred and moral duty to care for one another and

facilitate healing in this broken world.


In doing so, we affect the course of this and future generations.

Surely this is the ultimate PRISE.

Join us. Only together can we make it so.

Our brothers and sisters are waiting for us...

Pink Sky

We came from the stars and we will return to the stars. We are star stuff, made sentient, capable of contemplating our own existence. Surely while we are here we must shine for one another and light

the way for those that follow us.

- Amanda Roberts, PhD


Families Communicating Via Video Calls


Working from Home


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